X Wing Ship Review: TIE Fighter

Continuing my ship review series this week we’re taking a look at the mainstay┬ástar fighter of the Galactic Empire, the TIE fighter. If you haven’t read my T-65 X wing review, check it out here. Ship and Dial The TIE fighter (TIE is Twin Ion Engine) has been a staple in imperial squads since the […]

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LANtasy tournament report

Introduction On Saturday March 18 I attended the 2017 LANtasy X wing tournament in Victoria. LANtasy itself is a gaming convention that featured tabletop games, LAN networked computer games, and board games, along with vendors and demonstrators all around, and a cosplay competition. I flew Imperial at this event, my squad was as follows: Rear […]

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INTRODUCTION On Sunday March 5th I was ready for one more Hanger Bay event. After borrowing a hotshot co-pilot card from another player for the imperial squad I still wouldn’t use I set out to win more full art double sided cards. This was my squad: Miranda Doni- Twin linked turret, Sabine Wren, Long range […]

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