HANGER BAY DAY 1 (Endor Open 2017)



On Friday March 3 I played my first Hanger Bay tournament to warm up for my day 1 participation of the main event.

This weekend I ran:

  • Miranda Doni- Twin linked turret, Sabine Wren, Long range scanners, Homing missiles, Ion bombs, Extra munitions.
  • 2x Gold Squadron Pilot- Twin linked turret, Bomb loadout, Proximity mines (Shorty and Double A).

I had also an Empire squad featuring Rear Admiral Chiraneau and The Inquisitor for a second option in Hanger Bay tournaments, but I favoured my rebel squad each time.

Match 1: Quickdraw and RAC [Mike Nordell]

Mike’s VT-49 Decimator, painted with engine effects and blue trim.
  • Quickdraw- Opportunist, Electronic baffle, Cluster missiles, Special ops training, Guidance chips;
  • Rear Admiral Chiraneau- Veteran instincts, Hotshot co-pilot, Operations specialist, Gunner.

Standing across the table from Mike I set up my Y wings to joust his list, and had Miranda flank on the right side acquiring target lock on Quickdraw. On the turn that combat would be engaged Mike made a sudden turn left with both of his ships and pointed at Miranda. RAC stripped a couple shields and my focus token, this allowed Quickdraw to use Opportunist and Electronic baffle to trigger a free four red dice attack, followed by another Opportunist to boost his regular PS 9 attack to four red dice.

Miranda exploded without firing a shot this game. The following turn between a proximity mine and my Y wing twin linked turrets Quickdraw followed Miranda to the scrapyard. Once the dust cleared it was a slow battle of attrition between Rear Admiral Chiraneau, Shorty and Double A. This game resulted in a loss with RAC surviving on three hull points.

Mike went on to go 3-0, winning the top prize.


Match 2: Triple X 7s

Defenders are really just beefy tie fighters, fall into my trap.
  • Colonel Vessery- Juke, Twin ion engine mk 2, Tie/x7;
  • Countess Ryad- Push the limit, Twin ion engine mk2, Tie/x7, Delta Squadron Pilot- Tie/x7.

I don’t remember the name of my opponent, but I do remember his triple defenders, one with a cool paint job (because who needs two red defenders?). After last game I had a good reminder why I like to throw the Ys forward as blockers while Miranda lines up her first homing missile, so I tried to do that. This time my care paid off, after a first turn firing an empowered homing missile and range 1 primary shots from the Y wings at Countess Ryad I followed up on my next turn with a leap frog proximity mine drop and parting tlt shots sending Ryad to an early grave. Three on two the match unfolded pretty much as you’d think without the defenders getting a foothold, though it’s difficult to try to mine the delta at PS 1.


Match 3: Paritanni

Get that mine drop on Fenn.
  • Manaroo- Attanni Mindlink;
  • Asajj Ventress- Attanni Mindlink, Lattz Razzi;
  • Fenn Rau- Attanni Mindlink, Autothrusters, Concord dawn protector.

Round 3, the title bout. Well it wasn’t for the title as my opponent and I were both at 1-1, but it was for a second full art promo card that I’ve come to desire so much. Paritanni, for the uninitiated, is the top of the pile meta list featuring the ability to generate up to four focus with just one action, unlimited proton rockets, and some hard to hurt ships. Fortunately I was able to pull Fenn Rau into a joust and destroyed him with mines. Any game I can kill Fenn Rau for a relatively even trade is I game I think I’m going to win. After that my memory is fuzzy but I came out with the win.

We had such a good time that we decided to have a rematch for our own practice immediately afterward. This time it didn’t go so well for Miranda and her boys.

Fenn didn’t like it very much.


Hanger bay result 2 wins, 1 loss.

If any of my opponents who I missed wish to volunteer their name after reading please send me a message and I’d be happy to credit you, I really enjoyed playing with each and every one of you.

My prize: Two double sided full art cards in Aurebesh, I’ve been thinking of playing with a 4 Baron of the Empire squad, I’ll need two more.






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