On Sunday March 5th I was ready for one more Hanger Bay event. After borrowing a hotshot co-pilot card from another player for the imperial squad I still wouldn’t use I set out to win more full art double sided cards. This was my squad:

  • Miranda Doni- Twin linked turret, Sabine Wren, Long range scanners, Homing missiles, Ion bombs, Extra munitions;
  • 2x Gold Squadron Pilot- Twin linked turret, Bomb loadout, Proximity mines (Shorty and Double A).

MATCH 1: Rebel Control Swarm [Kyle Meidell]

When you only have low agility ships, this can be scary.
  • Gold Squadron Pilot- Ion Cannon Turret, R3-A2 (sort of), BTL A4;
  • Gold Squadron Pilot- Twin Laser Turret;
  • Blue Squadron Pilot- Ion Cannon, Fire-Control System;
  • Bandit Squadron Pilot;
  • Bandit Squadron Pilot.

Kyle was an enjoyable opponent to face, after discussing his clean looking repaints, basing on his models (both painting and modifying miniatures will be featured in the future of this blog) we joked about his impromptu R3-A2 card. I was very okay with it.

Pulled from Evergreen Squadron Radio on Facebook, thanks for posting Kyle!


Not because I was over confident, but because I knew that those two ion weapons would spell my doom, low agility small based ships struggle with ion. This game was rough for me, Kyle has a laser focus on Miranda, and I couldn’t get away, she went down rather quickly between the ion tokens, stress, and swarm damage. All things said and done my Y wings did the heavy lifting, and we ended this game with him only having his TLT Y and a damaged bandit on the table.

Unfortunately I knew right away I wouldn’t be playing for that shiny plastic card, the best I can hope for is fill out my collection of four promo cards with two consecutive wins in rounds 2 and 3.


MATCH 2: Dengar/Ketsu [Jim Kelly]

The Hello Kitty Squadron reporting for duty!
  • Dengar- Lone Wolf, Punishing One, K4 Security Droid;
  • Ketsu Onyo- Veteran Instincts, Shadow Caster;

Obviously, these ships had more upgrades thank this, but I forgot to get his list and I honestly can’t remember all of it. Jim told me the paint jobs were aimed at distracting his opponents and it worked.

Ever heard of the game Exploding Kittens?


What the cool paint job and LED conversions didn’t keep me from was making an assessment of threat and target selection. With Dengar’s ability to shoot back at my ships after I shoot at him mixed with his greater maneuverability it would be easier to take him out while I had more guns on the table since my arcs would cover more area, and by killing him in fewer rounds he would get less value out of his ability to make retaliatory shots. Additionally, I was able to further hamper Dengar’s value by attacking him first with my higher health Y-wing expecting him to save his shot for the more damaged one, and when he did I would attack Ketsu, leaving his ability wasted for a turn.

This match was over quickly which is a shame because I loved looking at my opponents models on the table. Luckily a canny reader was able to identify Jim by his models alone allowing me to edit my post and give credit where credit is due.


Match 3: Tie Ds [Mike Nordell]

Countess Ryad, the evasion queen. The net result of this attack is that he lost a focus token, I lost a target lock, a focus token, a homing missile, and one shield.
  • Colonel Vessery- Tie/D, Tractor beam, Expertise, Stealth device;
  • Countess Ryad- Tie/D, Ion cannon, Predator, Stealth device;
  • Wampa.

Match 3, or you could say the re-re match. This will be our third game in as many days, we’re both 1 and 1, in the Hanger Bay at this point and against each other. Go time. Mike brought a different squad than I faced in either of my last two.

We set up a fairly dense asteroid field and I decided to try to draw him into it, to make mine drops easier to pull off. Unfortunately my strategy was fairly short sighted as the tractor beam on Vessery and Ion cannon on Ryad made short work of my low agility Y wings. Somehow, despite evade dice shenanigans on Mike’s part we emerged Colonel Vessery alive vs Miranda Doni once both squads left the field.

On the last turn of shooting before I’d be able to start SLAMing Miranda away for twenty minutes to win on points I had no shields and he was on my tail. I fairly devastating hit later and I was left with two hull points and a damaged engine! Surely this would ruin the fleeing game for me. Luckily Miranda was still in possession of one Ion bomb and considering Vessery was also on two hit points he couldn’t afford to chase me as doggedly as he needed to. Miranda fled for a very long time but eventually Mike’s clever positioning caught me in a corner without any way to get out of his range 2 firing arc. With two hull only I could try to recover a shield, but given his target lock, expertise, and two attacks I didn’t think I’d be able to survive the round. I decided not to recharge my shields and use all of my dice to attack. Both twin laser turret shots managed the damage they needed, the second hit that had the one attack dice more making the difference.

Mike was a great opponent all weekend and that last game was a real nail biter, the second win out of my three games allowed me to reach my goal of four full art double sided promo cards. Stay tuned for quad Baron of the Empire shenanigans.

Hanger Bay result 2 wins 1 loss.

Cards three and four!

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