LANtasy tournament report


On Saturday March 18 I attended the 2017 LANtasy X wing tournament in Victoria. LANtasy itself is a gaming convention that featured tabletop games, LAN networked computer games, and board games, along with vendors and demonstrators all around, and a cosplay competition.

I flew Imperial at this event, my squad was as follows:

  • Rear Admiral Chiraneau- Predator, Engine upgrade, Kylo Ren, Gunner, Darth Vader, Dauntless.
  • Carnor Jax- Push the limit, Autothrusters, Royal guard TIE, Stealth device.

I didn’t have a tremendous amount of experience with this squad, but I’ve played a lot of two ship lists so I felt okay.

Match 1: Scum swarm [Michael Carpenter]

The eve of Carnor’s destruction.
  • Serissu- Swarm tactics, Stealth device, “Heavy Scyk” interceptor (Cannon), “Mangler” cannon;
  • Tansarii Point Veteran- Crack Shot, “Heavy Scyk” title (Cannon), “Mangler” cannon;
  • Kaa’to Leeachos- Crack Shot, Concussion missile, Guidance chips;
  • Binayre Pirate- XX 23 S thread tracers, Guidance chips;
  • Binayre Pirate.


Mikey is a player that runs some pretty kooky stuff, and this squad didn’t disappoint. Early on my objective was to try to bait him into the obstacles with RAC and flank with Jax. Decimators with engine upgrade can go pretty fast, so on our first pass I was able to dodge every arc except one and gave better than I got.

Something about the way he chose to fly his squad was very “Hey pirate, I pay your wage, you’ll stay in formation and I don’t care what you have to say about asteroids.” Instead of taking the easier path and following RAC he turned his formation at Jax, on the same turn I thought it was safe to turn in. After a barrel roll and a focus I was in two arcs instead of five and I almost immediately regretted focusing instead of boosting, but I wasn’t going to ask to take it back. Tansarii Point Vet couldn’t push through damage and I still had focus. Kaa’to fired Concussion missile, four hits, I roll evade, focus, blank, blank, Crack shot is spent and he had exactly enough to finish me off. This was disheartening. For the rest of the match after blowing past his team RAC spent most of the game at range three of just one ship keeping the rest out of range. Finished the game with Tansarii vet dead, a pirate dead, a smattering of damage on the rest, and lost RAC with about ten minutes before time.

As poorly as this match went for me it really cemented why I think engine upgrade is so good on large based ships, definitely a good consideration. Lesson learned about interceptors, fly spectacularly or blow up spectacularly.

Loss 36-100

Match 2: Fenn with Mindlink shenanigans [Eric]

That was just for you Eric, it was a fun match.
  • Fenn Rau- Attani Mindlink, Concord Dawn protector, Autothrusters;
  • Manaroo- Attani Mindlink, Intelligence agent, R4 Agromech, EMP device, Anti-pursuit lasers;
  • Contracted Scout- Attani Mindlink, Intelligence agent, R4 Agromech, Anti-pursuit lasers, Feedback array.

At the start of this match I was likely making the same face as my pal Philip J. Fry there, I was thinking about RAC getting near Fenn Rau. Eric must have seen this because he just started flying Manaroo and the Contracted scout  right at me, and Fenn decided to take the scenic route, he wanted to stay away.

RAC managed to slip by but between Jumpmaster manoeuvrability and the use of intelligence agents Jax wasn’t so lucky. After a few rounds of bumping and close shots I hadn’t taken any damage from shots. What killed Jax was two uses of feedback array, and one anti pursuit laser when I got blocked, I regretted not going with Hull upgrade like I had originally intended, but I wouldn’t want my opponent handicapping themselves by not picking the right strategy to overcome obstacles. Fortunately for me Jax went down the turn after he got into range 1 of Fenn Rai, RAC was in range 1 too and we sort of traded aces.

What ensued next was a slugging match, I was able to make good use of Kylo Ren to put in some choice crits and in the end what clinched the match for my opponent was a lucky pilot crit leaving RAC at PS 0 the turn right before he would have killed Manaroo, allowing her to shoot first and kill him.

Loss 86-100

Match 3: Rag-tag scum [Zena]

The beating I took.
  • Zuckuss- Mist hunter, Tractor beam, Dengar, Fearlessness;
  • Asajj Ventress- Engine upgrade, Shadow caster, Push the limit, Latts Razzi, 2x Glitterstim;
  • Binayre Pirate- Black market slicer tails.

I set up across from Zena’s squad with the intention of leveraging both Kylo Ren, title, and engine upgrade on RAC, Jax would get in safely when he could and shut down tokens. Our first mix up resulted in a dead pirate, and a lot of focus on Jax, the one turn that would have been really bad for Jax RAC was able to blind Ventress. With the pirate off the board, no damage on my squad, most of Zuckuss chipped away and my squad disengaging, I felt like I was in a pretty good place. A range three shot pegged RAC with a major hull breach and the next turn felt like the beginning of the end.

Activation phase next turn I’m looking at my boost options, thinking about using Kylo, and I go with a target lock instead of fixing my crit. Make a range 2 shot, get two hits and a crit! No need to spend target lock, after I celebrated my eyes went wide, I didn’t flip the crit. Two range 2 shots later and I had five shiny new critical hits on old RAC. I felt like I was going to lose for sure. Fast forward to the end RAC is alive with one hull left, Jax is still untouched, and Ventress on her last legs, RAC takes the shot and she’s out, MVP=Engine upgrade.

Win 100-33

Match 4: Palp Defenders [Audrey]

I can’t get enough of red TIEs.
  • Colonel Vessery- TIE/X7, Veteran Instincts;
  • Countess Ryad- TIE/X7, Juke;
  • Omicron group pilot- ST-321, Collision detector, Emperor Palpatine.

I won the initiative choice this match and I took the opportunity, also it mean that it would be harder to block my ships so I was super into that. Audrey set up her defenders for an early joust with the shuttle beginning his NASCAR impersonation. I decided to meet the defenders head on. By making the right predictions and I was able to always either: dodge an arc, blind a pilot, shut down tokens with Jax. This dance on the side of the play mat did not go well for Audrey, Vessery was limping and the Countess was dead with no real damage suffered on my side.

I learned during this tournament that with PS 8 on both RAC and Jax I could drive RAC forward, and put Jax in his previous spot on the same pilot skill activation. This way I was able to keep Jax close and at range 1, as well as keep himself from bumping.

I began to go after the shuttle, Jax got there first, and I played it slow, using boosts to get in arc when I had to, but never overshooting it. With the esteemed Emperor Palpatine off the board Vessery went down shortly after, throughout the whole match the only damage I took was three of RAC’s shields. To be fair my opponent did have some pretty horrible green dice, and there was a lot of focus on taking out Jax. A total blowout.

Win 100-0


I placed 6th overall out of 15 players in attendance, not a bad result. It was a fun day of X wing and I felt it wasn’t until game three that I really got the hang of flying them as a team, this was also the turning point when I started winning games, and when I started finishing games with Jax still on the board.

Prizes were only for the top three, but one player (my first round opponent Mike) placed second winning a Heroes of the Resistance set and didn’t want it. He asked about some expansions and I offered him his favorite pick, the Aggressor. I was going to buy HoTR next so I went to a store shortly before midnight the same day to get the Aggressor, and I wasted patiently to trade.

Unfortunately I had to leave LANtasy very quickly after the tournament and I regret not being able to stick around and see more.


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