X-Wing Ship Review: Rebel Y-Wing

On this blog I will be reviewing ships and pilots from the perspective of the latest wave released (wave 10 now), as well as providing sample builds for each pilot. Continuing with wave 1 I have a more bite sized article for you, a contender for the rebellion’s most versatile ship, the Y-wing.

Ship and Dial

The BTL Y-wing, eighteen thousand parts flying in close formation.

The BTL Y-wing released in wave 1 clocks in with two attack, one agility, five hull, and three shields, with the focus and target lock actions. Every ship (up to this point in the game) has focus, but I value target lock more than evade (an action common for imperial TIE ships) for the Y-wing because they will usually maintain a low point cost. If I have more ships than my opponent I would like to use actions that help me maintain a more consistent offense, as I hope to be attacking with all of my ships in any given turn, but not defending with all in any given turn.



The Y-wing doesn’t have the worst movement dial in the game, but it’s certainly not good. With nine white, four red, and only two greens (in fact it’s one of only two ships in the game that that can only shed stress on strait manoeuvres, the other being the TIE defender, but those are often outfitted with a modification to make banks green) the Y-wing dial is very weak. Spoiler alert! I think the reason no Y-wing has an elite slot is because the developers knew they didn’t want someone putting push the limit on a Y-wing once they released it in wave 2.

Slap on a twin laser turret and we’re done here right? Right. Well, not exactly. The Y-wing is one of my favorite ships in the game for it’s customizability. Two torpedoes, bombs, astromech, modifications, title. You could make squads made up entirely of, or mostly out of rebel Y-wings (not to mention scum versions) and make fun, competitive squads for days, buy five rebel Y-wing and see what you can do with it (or mess around with a squad builder).

Ship Specific Upgrades

BTL A-4 Y-wing (0) You cannot attack ships outside your firing arc. After you perform a primary weapon attack, you may immediately perform an attack with a turret secondary weapon.

Most people automatically think of twin laser turret, and R3-A2 with this title card, allowing you to double (triple) tap at ranges 2-3, and give (and receive) double stress. While the above can be devastating it is by no means the only use. While the inclusion of range 3 in the twin laser turret is a huge deal without the title it becomes far less important on a BTL A-4 Y-wing. Range 3 can be a weak point, but range two, or especially range 1 with dorsal turret or ion cannon turret is a more powerful version of cluster missiles, and usable repeatedly.

Bomb Load-out (0) Your upgrade bar gains the bomb icon. Limited.

This is a specialty of rebel Y-wings in particular, thanks to the terrorists, er… protagonists, most broken card, Sabine crew upgrade.

Such broke, so useful, much wow.


Unfortunately Y-wings cannot carry crew, but any one ship that can supporting Y-wings can create a significant boost in your damage dealing capabilities, either staving away someone who would want to chase your twin laser turret, or making bombing runs leap frogging over someone on your jousting Y-wings utilizing the BTL A-4 title.



Gold Squadron Pilot is by and far the most used Y-wing across any faction. At just 18 points I could use up to five with auto-blaster turrets, or deck them out with a twin laser turret and a proximity mine supporting a Sabine toting Miranda Doni. BTL A-4, R3-A2, and Twin laser turret makes up your traditional 26 point “Stress hog”, a powerful control element. Auto-blaster, Plasma torpedo, and either extra munitions or vectored thrusters gives you a tough, 25 point ship that can dish some serious hurt used in concert with control elements, aces, or smaller support ships shooting tracers. Use them often and unapologetically.

Available in Y-Wing expansion pack.


While the Gold Squadron pilot is ubiquitous among rebel forces, many X-wing players could go their whole time playing this game without seeing someone put a Gray squadron pilot on the table. You can read my thoughts about pilot skill differences between generic pilots in my X-wing article here, but I think the Gray squadron suffers because of it’s lower burst damage output from primary and turret weapons, it’s harder to take someone off the table before they can shoot back. Additionally the kinds of builds that give Y-wings proper support to be effective munitions carriers have a lot of difficulty upgrading your whole squad to be pilot skill 4 or above.

The one use I’ve had for the Gray Squadron Pilot is in a squad where it is given R3-A2, twin laser turret, and title is optional based on your third ship (any powerhouse that will fit in your points limit, I like Snap Wexley). Second is a bump master version of Eaden Vrill toting intelligence agent and anti-pursuit lasers, the reason I have a Gray squadron pilot is to stress the enemy that Eaden will be shooting before he does so to both increase his damage output, and slow them down for him to stay near them and keep on hitting.

Available in Y-Wing expansion pack.


“Dutch” Vander, alongside Garven Dreis, is one of the original support pilots in the game of X-wing. For just five points more than the standard Gold Squadron Pilot “Dutch” is worth every bit, especially when placed into a squad toting munitions. I would generally outfit him with R2-D6 and Veteran instincts to allow a better coverage of target locking opponents while approaching an engagement. Alternatively “Dutch” and Garven together can fight with double modded attacks every turn if Garven attacks first giving “Dutch” his focus, while receiving a target lock in the activation phase.

Available in Y-Wing expansion pack.


Horton Salm, originally conceptualized as a high damage user of torpedoes, can be a very effective tool for someone who wants a high pilot skill turreted ship if you place on him an engine upgrade, or better Vectored Thrusters, and perhaps R2-D6 with Expertise and a twin laser turret, you’ve got a pseudo super accuracy corrector for just 38 points. Place him next to Rey with Expertise, Engine upgrade, Finn, Kanan, and S-loop title. Focus on catching either of these slippery characters and the other will wreck you.

Available in Y-Wing expansion pack.


Quick and dirty, the Y-wing has less pilots than the T-65 X-wing or the TIE fighter, but various upgrade options make them truly versatile. If you’re a rebel player having a couple in your collection is essential, and like any self respecting rebel star fighter it looks like the letter for which it is named.


If you’re reading this the day it is published happy May 4th! Make sure to check out Gold Squadron (relevant to the article, I know) Podcast’s coverage of World’s this weekend, it should prove to be awesome.


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