Stardust Series Prizes

Main Gallery

Red saber
Will you succumb to the lure of the dark side of the force? One Initiate V2 black hilted red light saber from Ultra Sabers. Donated by Josh and Christina Oulton.
Blue saber
Defend the light with this Initiate V2 silver hilted blue light saber from Ultra Sabers. Donated by Josh and Christina Oulton.
Thanks to our friends at Wizards of the Coast who, after hearing about Stardust Series sent us almost 5000 cards (80 welcome decks). We’ll be giving these out for free! The water bottle is for scale, you’re not winning that in a raffle.
Die Hard offered us a great selection of their awesome metal dice. In addition to the game mat and carrying cases you can win up to five metal D20s, a 7 dice set of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, and 10s sided, and six X-wing metal dice! They’re hefty and feel great to roll.
2017 Stele Open coins, dial covers, title cards, and pilot cards. Donated by Stele Enterprises.
Check out those coins!
A pack stuffed full of alt art X-Wing, Imperial Assault, Armada, and Destiny cards from the 2017 Stele Open, donated by Stele Enterprises.
Gold Squadron Pilots, Darth Vader, and Ahsoka Tano alternate art pilot cards donated by Gold Squadron Podcast.
Finally here! Alternate art Sabine Wren damage deck and accompanying crew card. This was a project long in the making, with much trial and error. Limited edition decks with “Stardust Series 2017” will be awarded to the top eight competitors, with some other decks available for purchase is you didn’t make top 8. Donated by Josh and Christina Oulton.



One 3’x3′ X-wing game mat featuring the first Death Star. Set aside that tape you’ve been using to mark a play space and blow up TIE fighters in style. Donated by Curious Comics.


Falcon titles pic
Double sided alt art falcon titles donated by a player from the U.S. Mike.
Alt art glitterstim donated by a player from the U.S. Mike.
Alt art Rebel Captive, Agent Kallus, Ketsu Onyo, and Kanan Jarrus donated by a player from the U.S. Mike.
Holy B-wings Batman! Lets get real, we’ve got someone who wants to see B-wings. These alternate art B-wings are up as a bounty for anyone flying B-wings at our tournament. The highest placing player with B-wings in their squad will win as many of these cards as they have b-wings in their squad, any left over go on to the next placing b-wing player, and so on.


A hobby starter set complete with glue, clippers, paint, and brushes donated by Everything Games.


A two player starter set for Age of Sigmar, donated by Everything Games.
A second two player starter set for Age of Sigmar, donated by Ryan (personally, not from the store) our local Games Workshop.



An autographed copy of The Wind in the Willows donated by Legends Comics and Books.


A new copy of Doomtown Reloaded donated by Yellowjacket Comics and Toys.


Tempurra, a cutsie risk taking card game donated by the newest kid on the block, Gauntlet Games.


Are you an Imperial Assault player? These despicable bounty hunters can be yours, for the right price. Created and donated by Paul La Rue.


Alternate art Asajj Ventress created and donated Paul La Rue.


For those of you who can’t get enough of the Empire’s oppressive rule, some beautiful alt art cards created and donated by Paul La Rue.
Bounty: Posted by a local player Scott, to be won by the highest placing player with two or more TIE interceptors in their squad.
Bounty: Posted by a local player Michael, to be won by the highest placing player with five or more ships in their squad.
Bounty: Posted by a local player Stickus from Geektech Industries, this Father’s day FFG promo double sided card will be awarded to the highest placing player with pilot Luke Skywalker or pilot Darth Vader in their squad.


Bounty: Posted by a local player Ray. This TIE defender expansion will go home with the player who places highest with at least one TIE defender in their squad during the tournament.


Several copies of alt art: Fenn Rau, Rey, Miranda Doni, Outer Rim Smuggler (featuring Leia Organa), and Blue Squadron Pathfinder (featuring Jyn Erso) illustrated and donated by Bartek Fedyczak.
Have you spent all day watching people have fun pushing spaceships around tables? X-Wing Core Set donated by Josh and Christina Oulton.
Donated by Kristopher, a collection of Minions from Warmachine/Hordes will go to one lucky winner. Start your collection with this full Minion army, or use some tough gators to supplement your existing Hordes army.
Supplement items to be included with the above Minions army! Donated by Kristopher.
For the adventurous little one, sail for riches in your imagination with this pirate playset donated by The Children’s Treehouse.
Everyone loves Star Wars right? Trick your friends into thinking you’ve been a fan the longest with this vintage collectable donated by My Collectables.
Get started with Guild ball using this complete 6 player team for the Alchemist guild in Guild Ball! Donated by Kristopher.
Alternate art Countess Ryad, Juno Eclipse, and Emperor Palpatine donated by James Clark of Target Lock Hunger.
X-wing miniatures tokens donated by our friends at Sling Paint Gaming.
Alternate art Hera Syndulla, Asajj Ventress, and Omega Leader original pilot cards, donated by our friends at Sling Paint Gaming.
Get the best grave plots for your dearly departed and become the talk of the town with Bring out yer dead from Everything Games.
Compete with your friends to determine who will be the richest Treasure Hunter, donated by Everything Games.
Join forces with up to three friends to defend the earth from alien invasion with XCOM donated by Everything Games.

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