Stardust Series Travel Support

Arrival at Swartz Bay ferry terminal

For attendees who would like to come to Stardust Series and plan to be arriving by ferry at the Swartz Bay ferry terminal Stardust Series has hired a bus from Garden City Transportation that can carry up to 48 adults to make one trip from the Swartz Bay ferry terminal directly to the event, and from the event directly back to the Swartz Bay ferry terminal.

Departure: Swartz Bay ferry terminal 9:00am/0900 June 24

Departure: Pacific Fleet Club parking lot 6:30pm/1830 June 24

Cost: $5/trip

Suggested schedule: 7:00am/0700 ferry leaving Tsawwassen ferry terminal, arrives in Swartz Bay at 8:35am/0835. Return on 9:00pm/2100 ferry from Swartz Bay arriving at Tsawwassen terminal at 10:35pm/2235.

International X-wing players

For international X-wing players coming on the Coho ferry or the Seattle/Victoria Clipper you will not be able to attend the entire tournament and still return home in one day. Some local X-wing players from Blackmoon Squadron are willing to host international or other players who are interested in coming to Stardust Series overnight to help you offset the cost of travel to this exciting event. Contact event organiser at to inquire about remaining space.